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Give your puppies the very best possible start they deserve by joining the Natural Dog Hub Breeder Club today and receive...

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To request your Puppy Packs please email: , please remember to give your Name, Address and Affix.

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Breeder Club Testimonials

"Over the past few years I have fed my dogs on a wide variety of premium diets in an effort to find one which produces solid stools and keeps my dogs looking good.

I am pleased to say the The Natural Dog Hub suits all of my dogs and meets these requirements. I often struggle to get weight on my younger Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla's, but they are looking great on this food.

My older dog is on the Senior version and he is looking well too!

I enjoy working my dogs, grouse counting and competing in Working Tests and Trials. I also own a Wire Haired Dachshund (who thinks she is a Vizsla) and she enjoys TNDH food too! "

Zoe Dicker, Zoltarous


"I share my life with Flatcoated Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels. Most of the dogs work; either beating or picking up and I also show the dogs so I need a food which will keep them in tip top condition for the shows and also in hard condition for the shooting season. I have been feeding The Natural Dog Hub for 18 months and I am delighted with it; the dogs look fabulous, love eating it and I feel I am doing the best for them."

Helen Fox, Blacktoft



Mandy Romeo-Dieste, Hopevalley