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Give your puppies the very best possible start they deserve by joining the Natural Dog Hub Breeder Club today and receive...

  •  Exclusive discounts on all Puppy and Adult blends
  •  Discount vouchers for new puppy owners
  •  Dedicated online breeder account

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To become a member, simply complete the form below and submit for our approval.

To request your Puppy Packs please email: , please remember to give your Name, Address and Affix.

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Breeder Club Testimonials

"My girls have been having this food for a couple of years now, they love it and look amazing on it. The service is second to none. Highly recommend it to anyone."

Julie Squire, Taftazini

"We have fed TNDH for around 6 years and the dogs coats and general health is super. The puppies have also done really well on this food, never refusing a meal and have good puppy fat and glowing coats. It is highly palatable due to the quality of the ingredients. The dogs just love it!"

Mandy Romeo-Dieste, Hopevalley

"We have fed this food for 3 years. Since we have been feeding this food all of our dogs are free from itchy skin and dull coats. They all carry thier ideal weight but most importantly they love the taste and the bowls are always empty. Online ordering is easy and straight forward. I will never look back."

Lynda Rayner, Spinray



Mandy Romeo-Dieste, Hopevalley