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Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions

  • I ordered several different products, will they arrive together?  ANSWER
  • Do you have a Breeder Club? ANSWER
  • How long will my order take to arrive? ANSWER
  • Where are you located? We are based in the UK.
  • Are your products produced in the UK? Yes all of our products are produced in the UK. 
  • Are your food bags environmentally friendly? All of paper bags (including the protective liner) are fully compostable. More info HERE 

  • I am a Breeder Club member but the Discounted prices are not showing? Make sure you log in before you start. Head for the Breeder Club Members Only area. You will only see this once you have logged in. 
  • Are your foods completely Grain Free? All of our Grain Free blends are Grain Free. Our Wheat Free range is free from Wheat and contains Grain.
  • Is Grain Free food suitable for my dog/cat? ANSWER 
  • Will your food be able to help my dog with allergies? Eliminating grains is a good first step to finding out what it is your dog is allergic to. Food trials are key to this process and we are available to help guide you through selecting a meat source which may be suitable from our vast range. 
  • How do I start using TNDH when I still have some old food left? ANSWER  
  • I am feeding what it says on the feeding guides but my dog looks too thin? Feed more! Guides are just that, an active, young and busy dog is going to require more intake than an older more relaxed dog. 
  • Do you feed this to your own dogs?  ABOUT US
  • Is the meat used in the recipes as good as it looks in the images? We use the highest quality Freshly Prepared meat and fish in our blends and are able to confirm that we use the finest of ingredients. (Images are for illustration purposes only) 
  • As a Breeder, do I receive any Discounts for my new puppy owners? Yes! We will provide you with a Discount Voucher for each new puppy owner giving them £10 off their first bag of Puppy food. Just make sure that you contact us to request the Discount Vouchers and we will post them out to you. 
  • I applied to become a Breeder Club member, how do I know if I was successful or not? We will email you to activate your account. The email is titled Breeder Club Activation , check your Junk or Spam folders as sometimes it is hiding there. 
  • How do I get my puppy/dog to eat more? ANSWER
  • My dog is a fussy eater, how do I make the food more appealing?  ANSWER