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Dudley's Natural Treats ~ Doggy Treat Box

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Dudley's Natural Treats for Dogs ~ Doggy Treat Box

  • 100% natural, great for immunity and health

  • 18 natural treats (some may vary, depending on stock availability)

    • Puffed Pigs Snout
    • Pigs Ear
    • Hoof
    • Rabbit Ear With Fur On
    • Rabbit Ear With Fur Off
    • Natural Sausage
    • Puffed Chicken Feet
    • Natural Chicken Feet
    • Black Pudding Sausage
    • Chicken Sausage
    • Cheese Sausage
    • Trachea
    • Deer Leg (depending on hunting season) 
    • Cow Head Muscle
    • Cow Ear
    • Paddy Wack
    • Rabbit Skin With Fur  
  • Free from raw hide

  • Bursting with flavour

  • Teeth cleaning due to crunchy texture

Feed supervised at all times. 


About Us

The Natural Dog Hub was born from us sourcing natural, healthy and safe products for our own dogs, quickly spreading to our friends and family, benefitting their dogs too. So we decided to bring you TNDH, where you can try our products for yourself for your own dogs!

We have a Gundog breed which requires the best care in order to maintain condition, keeping them fit for function and to be presented in tip top condition for the show ring. Whether you have a show dog, a working dog or a companion dog, they all deserve the same.