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**NEW** SUPERFOOD SALMON PUPPY with Dill, Spinach, Fennel, Asparagus & Tomato PUPPY Food 12kg

Our Superfood complete PUPPY food has 65% fish content of which 35% is freshly prepared. We use the best raw fish and gently cook in a unique process to lock in protein. With an added blend of Superfoods for nutritious benefits.  This Grain Free highly digestible food is perfect for dogs with grain sensitivities and intolerances. 


  • 65% Salmon rich in essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals

  • 35% Freshly Prepared, responsibly sourced Salmon


  • Vet Approved


  • Dill - a source of Vitamin C, helps collagen to occur naturally which is important to help maintain healthy bones

  • Spinach - a source of Iron to help support normal functions of the circulatory system

  • Fennel - a good source of Calcium which helps maintain healthy bones & teeth

  • Asparagus - a source of Folate to help support cellular growth and maturation

  • Tomato - a source of Potassium to help with nerve and muscle functions

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Sweet potato - high in B vitamins

  • Highly digestible protein source

  • Prebiotics MOS & FOS help the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support digestion

  • Omega 3 support for skin and coat, to help reduce the inflammation response

  • Joint Care Pack to help support cartilage metabolism for the growth of healthy joints in puppies

  • Complete and balanced

  • No added artificial colours or preservatives

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